Cut The Cable
Fast Internet in Your home
Starting at $40/mo

The easiest way to describe it is saying that you get
faster internet, better streaming and lower costs!!
Then add home & personal security, peace of mind
and you can't lose!!

High Speed Internet

Ethx can meet all your internet, communication and entertainment needs.
Let us help you “Cut the Cable” & lower your costs!

Cut the Cable!

Goodbye cable companies - Ethx can give you more for less!

Video Streaming

ALL your favorite Video Streaming Services available from Ethx!

Wireless Internet

Secure, reliable, high-speed internet service direct from Ethx.

Home Security

Home & Personal Safety available

What Our Customers Say
Heather Harvey

We have officially divorced ourselves from Comcast totally and moved to Ethx for Internet and Magic-Jack for phone service. Yea! I am now going to the Comcast office and with great pleasure give them all their equipment back. Not to mention saving a ton of $ every month.

Jim & Kim Hoover

Having scheduled an appointment on 4/3/2014, The Ethx team arrived on time. Both men were presentable and courteous. They asked questions of where I wanted the router placed and what was needed (an outlet nearby). They then went to the roof and attic (crawl space) and did what was needed. Before long everything was hooked up and ready to go. Sign in and passwords were set and he showed us what to do. We were up and running in no time. Thanks again for speedy and knowledgeable employees.

Cheryl W.

I give you a 10 out of 10! The installation was prompt and well done. The two young installers went above and beyond to get all devices connected, including efforts to connect a wireless printer that just would not cooperate. Great guys to represent your company.

Phil Caiger-Watson

I switched to Ethx about 3 years ago, and the upload and download speeds are superior to my previous provider and it has been proven to be very reliable. We count on our internet for our telephones, security monitoring and thermostat control so it is important to us. I wanted to pass on this good experience.

John Stitt Designation

Ethx is a first-rate company...and I'll continue to be your best salesman. Ethx is the best service provider...ever...!!

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